1. Home Painting Guide

    Home Painting Guide - Coordinate Your Colors When house painting, there is more to just thinking about your favorite colors. You need to make sure your colors coordinate with each other. This will help to create a flow in your home, while making it look great for you and your guests. Here are some tips for coordinating your colors whenever interior or exterior painting. First Think of Your Color S…Read More

  2. How to Work with a Professional House Painter

    Tips to Work With a Professional House Painter You have hired a professional house painter, but are confused as to what steps to take next. When your house is undergoing a massive remodeling project such as painting, it can be quite difficult to keep things organized and prevent home furniture and furnishings how to work with a professional house painter after hiring one. In this article, I will …Read More

  3. Cover Up Before You Paint

    Things to Cover Prior to Beginning Your Painting What is the correct way to paint a house? Ask an experienced house painter for some tips. Is preparation really the key to a great looking paint job? A combination of hard work and know-how will have you on your way. Before you get started, there is typically a list of things that you need to think about before you even get the cans open and the bru…Read More

  4. Tips Hiring Painters South Jersey

    Great Tips for Hiring House Painters Are you looking for a professional painting contractor in your local area? If yes, I will share with you some of the best tips for hiring house painters-no matter how large or small your painting project is. Using a professional painter takes the stress out of painting a new home or when giving an old home a refreshing look. Nevertheless, it can be quite a chal…Read More

  5. House Painting Tips

    Top 5 House Painting Tips House painting is not one of the easiest jobs. It can be time-consuming, messy, and even expensive. Painting your house like a professional can be a challenge. With expert tips from Repairs and Paints, you will be able to paint your house like a pro. If you would like to enjoy a worry-free paint job, leave it to the professionals at Repairs and Paints. In the event that y…Read More

  6. Get your Room Ready for Paint

    Preparing a Room for Painting Are you considering getting a professional painting team who can take on the job and make it look spectacular? You will quickly realize that your help will be needed with any painting project. With your assistance, any home painting project can go off without a hitch. Take your time getting the house ready for the painters. One of the best things you can do to prepare…Read More

  7. How Many Coats of Paint to Use and When

    How many coats of paint should you use in your Mt Laurel NJ home? Many times a home-owner will ask us how many coats of paint we will apply to their walls and ceilings. If a room has been recently painted, are fewer coatings needed? Your project can succeed or fail based on follow through. An experienced house painter can easily assess a home or office. Bringing into play, the knowledge of a mast…Read More

  8. Painting Over Caulk

    How to Paint Over Caulk in Mt Laurel NJ Have you ever tried to paint over silicone caulking? Maybe your kitchen or bathroom was recently remodeled. If so, your carpenter should have used silicone caulking to seal around all plumbing and countertop edges. Silicone caulk is a waterproof seal that will protect you from water getting behind cabinets, counters, and fixtures. Can’t get a straight line…Read More

  9. New Painters in South Jersey

    Painters are experts who provide their services to residential and commercial clients on a regular basis but not everyone that paints is a painter, because real painters are experts. Aside from just rolling or brushing the wall or surface, painting involves enhancing and protecting surfaces using high quality methods that are guaranteed to provide long-term and positive results. --Now you seem ov…Read More

  10. Hide Eyesores Using Paint

    Ways to hide eyesores using paint in Mt Laurel NJ When it comes to managing your home, it can quickly become apparent that making it look its best is quite a challenge. Even with hours’ worth of work, you can find that there will still be parts of your home that just stand out as eyesores. This can make both the room and house appear unsightly. Unfortunately, you aren’t the only one to spot th…Read More