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Interior Paint Choices for Real Estate Investors/Landlords

Paint makes a big difference in the way an investment property looks and feels. Landlords who want to ensure that their property will look good and stay functional for their tenants must choose the right kind of paint. Investors looking to cash in on appreciation will want the home to look appealing to any buyers looking to find a home or add another property to their portfolio.

The color of paint and the type of paint you decide to use may be more significant than some investors initially think. If you’re a new investor trying to decide what kind of paint to use in your rental property, here’s what you need to know.

Neutrals Versus Bold, Bright Colors

Color sets the tone for the rental property. Bright colors, though cheerful, don’t always appeal to everyone. Choosing the wrong color could drive someone away that might otherwise have a good first impression of a property.

Neutral colors, including cream, white, gray and brown, are almost universally acceptable. Neutrals match a variety of materials, like wood and metal, and therefore look good with different pieces of furniture. Neutrals are also good at setting a mood. They’re calm and soft, and create a relaxing environment where people can enjoy themselves.

Bright colors, though attractive in some contexts, tend to be disruptive. Bright colors like red and orange can cause anxiety. Blues can be dark or gloomy. These colors also clash easily with complementary colors, so if the renter happens to own furniture in complementary colors, the home’s interior won’t look right. Over time, this can wear on the tenant’s patience and may lead to dissatisfaction with the property.

Durable Paint Products

Durable paint products last longer and help ensure that property owners won’t have to repaint frequently. One of the primary ways in which a property owner can ensure that their paint job will last is by using quality paint. A good painting professional can recommend a long-lasting paint.

Also important is to ensure that the paint product used is easy to clean. As a general rule, glossy paint products are easier to clean than matte (or flat) paints. Glossy paints also show imperfections in the paint easily. Property owners who want their home’s interior to look its best while also ensuring that the paint will be easy to clean might choose an in-between paint product.

Eggshell or satin paints are low-luster paints that are easy to clean but also less likely to show imperfections in the wall. These paints are commonly found in rooms like bedrooms, living rooms and dining rooms.

In rooms like the bathroom and kitchen, a semi-gloss or glossy paint is common. These high luster paints are important in rooms where moisture is present and the walls can easily get dirty. The kitchen in particular is often crucial when attracting buyers or tenants to a property and will often be compared to whatever other places the buyer or tenant is looking at — so make sure to look at the kitchen with a critical eye when deciding whether or not to repaint and/or remodel.

Timelessness is also important for ensuring that a paint job will last as long as possible. Paints that are easily dated must be painted over frequently. Classic paint colors will last longer and will not date the property. This makes the property look well maintained and can help attract renters.

Work With a Professional Paint Company

Working with a professional paint company is critical for ensuring that an interior or exterior paint job will be long-lasting and attractive. Developing a relationship with a single paint company makes painting a new property easier. If you’re a property owner who would like to have your rental home or commercial property painted, contact a trusted professional in your area. If you have many properties, bring this up during the initial discussion.

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