House Painting Tips

Top 5 House Painting Tips

House painting is not one of the easiest jobs. It can be time-consuming, messy, and even expensive. Painting your house like a professional can be a challenge. With expert tips from Repairs and Paints, you will be able to paint your house like a pro. If you would like to enjoy a worry-free paint job, leave it to the professionals at Repairs and Paints. In the event that you are interested in painting the house yourself, like most homeowners are, we want to provide you with some instruction. Learn to enjoy your home improvement activity with a little assistance from us. Here are the top 5 house painting tips.

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1. Pay attention to the sheen

 The very first tip we have here for you is to consider the finish or sheen of your paint. This will have a huge impact on how the walls look following a paint job. There are many considerations that come with the options you have. In the most visited areas of the house, you can consider satin or gloss finish. They can be cleaned more easily. But, in areas where there are more imperfections – such as patched areas or wavy drywall, you can use a matte-like finish. A matte finish will help hide imperfections.

2. Choose bold colors

 Bold colors are not always bad depending on the room you are looking to paint. Bold colors are perfect for bedrooms. They add texture and depth to the rooms. In addition, they can go extremely well with the room’s décor.

3. Try out samples

 One of the best house painting tips as suggested by the Repairs and Paints experts is to try out samples before investing in gallons of paint for your home. You can buy sample paints and test the colors on the walls to determine whether they work or not. Once you settle on a color, you can spend big bucks on gallons. If you don’t try samples, you risk painting your walls with colors that just don’t work.

4. Prep work is essential

 Be ready to spend a great deal of your time on preparing the surface and moving things around in the house before the paint job. Preparing the surface, such as patching imperfections, will ensure that you get a smooth finish after a paint job. Moving furniture and furnishings, taping off areas and removing doorknobs and switch plates will protect these items from paint splatters.

5. Use rollers instead of brushes

 Rollers can help save a lot of time. Use rollers for large areas and brushes for hard to reach areas. To smooth out roller lines, experts suggest that you paint in an overlapping ‘W’ pattern. Do not use a spray machine for interior painting. Unless you are a trained house painting technician, you could cause major damages to your home. Remember, rollers are sold in all different sizes. You could choose the larger 18 inch rollers for very large wall areas. This will help you accomplish your house painting at a quicker rate.

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