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Painting Prep 102

Interior Room Painting Mt Laurel NJWe’ve gone over paint brushes and how the quality and make of a brush impacts the paint job,  but there are other kinds of equipment that can be used to get the job done. First we’ll cover Paint Rollers. Rollers can expedite a paint job & are easier to use than paintbrushes, especially when painting walls, ceilings, and other large, flat areas. They are also excellent for use on tough exterior surfaces. The only time rollers become a pain is when you’re dealing with a small or narrow space, but this can be alleviated by either the purchase of a wide assortment of rollers or paint brushes.  

When applying alkyd or oil-based paints, you can use either synthetic or natural fiber covers for your paint rollers. When you are applying latex paints, be sure to use roller covers made with a synthetic or fiber surface. As with brushes, it is best to purchase high-quality roller covers, even though they may cost more initially. High-quality roller covers apply paint more easily and are less likely to leave nap fibers on the painted surface.You can also check the quality of a cover or paint roller by how quickly it returns to its original shape. Also be sure the roller cover has no apparent seams. These can leave unappealing streaks when you apply the paint.

If you want to cover large surface areas quickly, power-spraying equipment is your best bet. Sprayers use more paint than other equipment, but they are often easy to use and ideal for large jobs.

Traditional paint sprayers use compressed air to deliver the paint. Airless sprayers pump the paint directly. Although seemingly easy to use, be confident that you are familiar with the provided manufacturer’s instructions for setup and operation. You should never point an airless sprayer at any person or pet, because the pressure of the spray is strong enough to inject paint into the bloodstream, which can be harmful or even fatal.

Not interested in a paint sprayer, paint pads may be the right equipment to use. Paint pads can help you apply paint in hard-to-reach places, including those where neither brushes nor rollers will fit. Paint pads are helpful when cutting in corners and painting areas where walls and ceilings meet. They should not be used for entire walls. Most paint pads are made of foam or mohair, and can be used to apply both latex and oil-based or alkyd paints. Replace the pads when worn or damaged.

If you just need to touch up a paint job, keep your door frames, trim, and walls looking fresh and new with Paint Retouching Pens. Pens come with a reusable refilling syringe, and you can often match colors online.

Don’t let painting be laborious. Stay educated, prepared, or give the professionals a call.

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