House Colors That Sell in South Jersey

Here are the 5 Best Paint Colors to use when Selling your Home

Your home has been great to you. When you first bought your house, did it seem like a ton of work would need to be done? Creating a clean slate for potential buyers can help sell your home. Give buyers the chance to see your homes potential. Everyone has a different sense of style. Each individual will desire a color scheme that fits them. Give your house its best chance by changing the color of your walls. We are here to help you discover house colors that sell.

Exterior Paint Color to Sell Your Home

Exterior Painting in Cherry Hill NJYou have to first worry about getting potential buyers to consider your home. You would begin by upgrading the curb appeal of your home. In the South Jersey area, a lot of information is based on the outside of a house. You would assume that what the house looks like on the outside, will coordinate with the inside. The best color to paint your homes siding is up for debate. Many would assume that a tan or beige would be the proper paint color. South Jersey home sellers have gathered the information. The best color to paint your house is yellow. Yellow painted houses sell much quicker than any other colored house.

Exterior Trim Paint Color to Sell Your Home

Residential Painting in Mt Laurel NJDo you need to paint the trim on the outside of your house? Your exterior trim may have to be painted. It could be in really bad shape. It could be in great shape as well. Painting the exterior trim on your home will help it to look fresh. A freshly painted house sells very quickly. Try to find a white trim color for your home. Find a color that coordinates with some of the great yellow colors picked out for your siding. One of our favorite colors for exterior trim is Powder Sand by Benjamin Moore.

Interior Paint Color to Sell Your Home

Interior Painting South JerseyDo you have to paint the entire interior of your home in order to sell quickly? This would depend on the shape of your homes interior walls. Check the ceilings to see if they are damaged. The ceilings of your home set the altogether tone. If your ceilings are in great shape, so are you. You may currently have different colors in each room. You will want to paint the rooms the same color. Choose a neutral color for the inside of your house. A tan or beige color will show best. The #1 color used for selling your home is currently Kilim Beige by Sherwin Williams. This color has been in the number one position for over 5 years.

Ceiling Paint Color to Sell Your Home

Interior Painting South JeseyYour house will soon be ready to put on the market. With these tips it will quickly sell. Do you need to paint the ceilings? As previously stated, painting the
ceilings in your home will greatly affect a buyers decision. Of course you will want to paint the ceilings white. You will want to use a flat paint on all of your ceilings. Even in bathrooms and kitchens the ceilings are best if painted with a flat paint. You want to have the same tone run through the entire home. Choose a soft white for your ceilings. One of the best-selling ceiling paint colors is Swiss Coffee by Behr.

Interior Trim Paint Color to Sell Your Home

Interior Painters South JerseyWhat about your doors? Do you need to paint your baseboards and trim too? It is proven that a painted house sells much quicker. Your main concern should be to quickly sell your home. Painting your home could also help you to get your asking price. We suggest painting the trim as well. Your doors and trim have taken a ton of abuse. That is why semi-gloss paint is used on trim and doors. A more durable finish is required. High traffic areas take the impact of constant use. Paint your doors and trim white as well. A great color for your trim is Mineral Ash by Valspar. This can be used of course. You could also use the same color that was used on your ceiling.

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