How to Paint Exterior Homes in Cherry Hill NJ

An Overview: House Painting in Cherry Hill NJ

Exterior Painting in South JErseyIn “How to Paint the Exterior of a House,” Sherry Rauh offers pointers for anyone contemplating house painting, particularly exterior painting. She describes a method that a professional painting service might follow in order to obtain excellent results.Whether you own a painting company, or simply wish to paint the outside of your own residence, the tips offered in “How to Paint the Exterior of a House” can assist your exterior painting!

Preliminary Steps

She recommends that anyone painting a home take the time to complete all necessary preliminary steps first. For example, if you’re painting stucco, make certain that it has cured thoroughly first. Additionally, use bleach to kill off any mildew growing on the surface. Pressure washing may assist in removing debris such as paint chips from the walls, which must present a clean surface for the successful application of paint. Allow time for thorough drying.Just as interior painting should occur after caulking and patching, she recommends completing those tasks prior to applying a primer to a home’s exterior. Like a professional painting service, a homeowner will want to thoroughly, but gently, sand the trim of wooden door and window frames before applying the primer. She urges everyone to carefully read and follow the label directions for the particular type of primer used to cover the surface.

Choosing a Paint

Painting Company in South JerseyUsually, a painting company pays close attention to the quality of the house paint. Property owners obtain the best results when they do, too. A high quality paint will possess a higher volume of volume solids (pigments and binders) than a lower quality product. Checking the Technical Data Sheet carefully can allow you to compare competing paint brands during the selection process. Additionally, it remains important to check with local building departments and neighborhood associations concerning a suitable color selection in some areas. Sherry Rauh suggests that before painting, driving through the neighborhood to see the types of shades which work most effectively can help in choosing a color.


Just as with interior painting, the coating of the exterior walls occurs very quickly when people work together in painting teams. One person can spray paint across the surface evenly, while another follows behind using a roller to spread out the deposited paint smoothly. Follow label drying instructions before applying a second coat and finishing touches to doors, shutters, molding and window panes.

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