1. visually enticing way to win buyers over

    The importance of having a freshly painted house when selling In the world of buying and selling property, first impressions are absolutely imperative. Before delving further into the characteristics of a property, the first thing a potential buyer will do is take in all the visual information available to them. They'll look for colours that appeal to them, a nicely presented interior and exterior…Read More

  2. Professional Painter Choices

    Interior Paint Choices for Real Estate Investors/Landlords Paint makes a big difference in the way an investment property looks and feels. Landlords who want to ensure that their property will look good and stay functional for their tenants must choose the right kind of paint. Investors looking to cash in on appreciation will want the home to look appealing to any buyers looking to find a home or …Read More

  3. Top 2017 Remodeling Trends

    Top Remodeling Trends You Can Expect to See in 2017 Kaitlin Krull One of the hardest parts about residential living is deciding which home improvement projects to take on and when. Striking a balance between your project list and the latest current color, design, and style trends can be tricky, to say the least. If you love keeping on top of the latest home improvement and design styles and have a…Read More

  4. Top Kitchen Remodel Projects

    Top Kitchen Remodel Projects to Take On Now Kaitlin Krull If your home is the social hub over the holiday season, keeping everything neat and tidy is probably one of your biggest worries this time of year. From constant cooking and cleaning to preparing to host family and friends for parties and celebrations, there is probably little time left for home renovations. Our Home Improvement friends …Read More

  5. Voted Best Marlton Painters

    Why Our Marlton Painters Were Voted The Best It takes a lot to be voted the best painters in the industry. We believe we received this recognition thanks to our work ethic. Excellence, commitment to our trade, and dedication to customer service are at the core of our values. We believe in going above and beyond to meet the needs of our clients. Below are just some of the reasons why we were voted …Read More

  6. Our 2016 House Painting Discounts

    Check out our home improvement and house painting specials, valid only through November 1st, 2016! Repairs & Paints is happy to offer all new and repeat customers a list of home improvement and painting discounts to choose from. We promise always to deliver a high level of residential painting and home repair services. As many home-owners already know, our team of craftsman takes great pride …Read More

  7. House Painting Specials & Discounts

    House Painting Specials And Discounts Coming Soon! As professional painters, we understand how important the beauty of a home is to our clients. Whether we're painting an office, condominium, or an apartment, you can expect the best service at a reasonable price. It's our aim to offer you a remarkably positive experience from when we deliver your quote until our painters walk you through our finis…Read More

  8. 4 Tips For Painting Contracts

    Tips For Better Painting Agreements When you are contracting with an interior painting company, you need to get a contract in writing before the first paintbrush hits your wall. That may seem obvious, the need for a contract, but for most people, home painting is not done frequently and they might not know how to set up the best possible painting agreement. There are a few things to do to make sur…Read More

  9. Exterior Painting 102

    Now that you’ve prepared your house & landscape for painting it’s time to prime. A popular rule of thumb has always been to apply a coat of primer, sand, then apply your color coats. This is a good rule to follow however some newer paints have combined primer and paint into one product, to potentially cut down on the number of coats you will have to apply. Although this newer paint is more…Read More

  10. Exterior Painting 101

    Whether you’re trying  to sell your home or make it more appealing on the outside, exterior painting can come in handy. When deciding to paint the exterior of your home, plan ahead. Unlike interior painting, understanding mother nature & the proper time of year to paint is key. It’s best to select a dry time of year when there is little rain and especially a lower humidity level. Otherwis…Read More