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Great Tips for Hiring House Painters

Are you looking for a professional painting contractor in your local area? If yes, I will share with you some of the best tips for hiring house painters-no matter how large or small your painting project is.

Using a professional painter takes the stress out of painting a new home or when giving an old home a refreshing look. Nevertheless, it can be quite a challenge to look for the right painters. In fact, it is one of the most important decisions for any homeowner. Your decision will require careful consideration. I advise you to follow these tips when it comes to hiring house painters.

Exterior Painting Marlton NJDetermine your expectations – the quality and price of the painting project is not only determined by the number of coats applied. Preparation is also very important. If you know your walls have imperfections, such as patches and dents, you must inform the painters as this is going to cost you extra. But, it also depends on whether you are prepared to live with the imperfections. If you are, then you can agree with the painter on what level of preparation is acceptable.

Get estimate of costs – a good house painter will provide a breakdown of the costs. This will include the cost of labor, material, number of coats of paint, and primer needed. Your estimate should also include the paint code and brand of material along with a detailed description of the area that needs painting.

Don’t forget to check past work – the painter must also be able to provide references so you can contact them and find out about the kind of experience they had. Positive references mean you will get quality work done.

Consider credentialsbefore hiring house painters, consider their credentials. Does the contractor have a history of complaints that have been unresolved? Is the contractor a member of a local business or trade group? These things will show the level of reliability and commitment on the part of the contractor.

Ask for a complete contract – when you enter into a contract, make sure that you obtain complete details of the person such as name, address, phone numbers (personal and office), license number, etc. Make sure details of what is included in the contact are clearly mentioned. Check as well for exclusions that may be stated in the contract.

Obtain a guarantee – poor workmanship can lead to fading, flaking and peeling of paint. Therefore, you must get a guarantee from the painter that he will correct any peeling or flaking within one year following the completion of the project at little or no cost to you.

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