Trending Painting Colors of 2016

Interior Painting Medford NJThe color trends for 2016 are listed below for the convenience of painting companies and individual painters. The individual colors are listed first followed by the trendiest color collections. Any painting company can easily add these colors to their color cards.

Coral reef – SW 6606 is the color of the year. All painting companies should add this one to their color cards. It is a warm pink that would work well as an exterior color. As an indoor paint paired up with Baroness, Black Fox, Cotton White, and Paradise, an energizing atmosphere is created.
Real red is a bright and vibrant color that cools or warms depending on the accent colors.

Trending Colors

Painters Guide in South JerseyHabanero Chile is an almost neutral color, a brackish red that earthy colors would work well with.
Rave red is a deeper color and is very warm. It would be a good accent color in a cool color scheme, or as the main color with a white accent.
Reverie Pink is a very light pink that would work well being the main color. From this color you could easily go warmer or cooler.
Dare devil is an orange that would be perfect for Denver Bronco fans. A bright color to accent both cool and warm neutral colors, this color will bring in light to dark areas.
The Buoyant Collection; the colors in this group are pastel greens, dusty rose, neutral tans, and soft lavenders letting the rain forest into our homes to relax and revive.
The Chrysalis collection rounds up smoky blue, Gale force, Colonial Revival Gray and Eggshell to create an earthy cool area.
The Voyage collection combines coral reef, grey harbor, sunflower, black, and Colonial Revival Gray for a heavenly combination. This collection could be the best seller for the small painting compaPainting Company in South Jerseyny.
The Unrestrained Collection presents the inner child delight of bright colors and drastic contrasts of royal blue, tangerine, lemon, and black all accented with white. Bold, bright and beautiful, these color combinations create a space that will raise the spirits.

Painting Company

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