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Leave it to the pros

Almost all homeowners take great pride in maintaining their property, from mowing the lawn and landscaping to remodeling. Many times, homeowners would like to do their own projects rather than hire outside assistance. Although some homeowners may choose to power wash their home without assistance, there are many considerations you should think about before trying it on your own.

Even though it may seem like an easy task, properly cleaning a home can be fairly complicated; it requires control of four major factors: water flow rate, heat, pressure, and cleaning solutions. When used without the proper ratio, an untrained individual can easily cause thousands of dollars of damage while power washing. Take into consideration the affordability of getting your home pressure washed; wouldn’t you rather have a professional do it rather than risk damage?

Awkwardly, many homeowners that trust their pressure washing to unqualified contractors can end up with inadequate results or even new damages. By using the correct cleaning products and better techniques, the “professionals” could have significantly improved or eluded undesirable results. Our experience gives us the complete range of home exterior problem solving. We have revised our methods in order to get the most effective solutions for our customers. That is why Repairs & Paints is here to help you; you can trust our trained experts to power wash your home with state of the art equipment and technique. Power washing with professionals not only ensures that your home will look clean, but also that it will be properly taken care of, guaranteeing that the results will exceed your expectations.

Power washing makes your home look new and can actually add value to your home by improving the curb appeal! In fact, you can protect your family from dangerous build-up on the exterior of your home with just a routine power washing service.

Routine power washing with Repairs & Paints prevents mold, mildew, and algae from growing on your home, limiting the damage that can be caused by these conditions as well. Extend the life of your home’s exterior and leave the dirty work up to the professionals at Repairs & Paints. Call us to schedule your power washing today!