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BIG IDEA FOR KIDS ROOMPainters Company South Jersey

How are you doing on your kids room ideas? Are you becoming overwhelmed by the number of tasks you haven’t yet completed? What you need to do is find an easy place to start. The first thing you should consider is practicality. Do you want your big idea to help your child be more active and alert? I think that we all want our children to be filled with positive energy and imagination. Take one of these big room ideas and put a personal twist on it!

One of the most common ideas to spruce up your kids room is paint. We don’t want to focus on room painting today. Painting your kids room is always great, but this is only a quick fix solution. Let’s discover something that is extremely radical!


Now, this may sound like a painting idea, but it is not. Have you heard of chalkboard paint? Well you could apply a great play area on any wall with chalkboard paint. Does that sound awesome? Guess what, I have an idea – that is even better! Have you also heard of “Idea Paint” well this product comes in a few different designs. You can apply either clear or white “Idea Paint”. You can choose one, or paint all of your walls with this product –creating a perfect eraser board canvas on every surface you choose. Your child can write on all of his or her walls with a marker and easily, within second, erase their artwork, notes, or chore list. This unbelievable product is the new revolutionary creation for an active kids room.


Do you have a beautiful little princess running around the house? We all know that our little angel deserves the best. Is your daughters favorite part of the Disney movies the castle that appears in the beginning? Well maybe you can’t give your little Interior-House-Painting-Services-14-1024x524princess her own castle, but you can give her something even better. How about a life size dollhouse? You can buy a large 5 foot tall dollhouse, install a curtain rod, and give her this great gift –her own princess wardrobe. Do you think this is a little much? Here is the real great idea. Does your child have a closet in her room? Take down those annoying bi-folding doors. Instead, craft one or two regular doors into a dollhouse entryway. With a little creativity, you can easily and affordably gain the best girls room in the neighborhood. Get ready to walk through the front door of your very own princess cottage. You may need a full day’s work from a carpenter, but the reward is great.


A boys room can be a little harder to find something that fits. Boys are constantly changing their favorite teams and sports. What are a few things that always remain consistent in our boys? Off the top of my head –boys love adventures, boys like to climb, and boys like to play games. What can we come up with that will evolve with a boys ever-changing style? Are you sick Interior-House-Painting-Services-7of your boy banging around up in their room? Make an easy and designable mat that also serves as an area rug using puzzle mats. This will make a soft surface for your child to play on. You can combine this flooring idea with some great wall decorations. Do you know what the perfect wall decoration could be? What do you think about rocks as wall decorations? We won’t use real rocks of course. We will use designated climbing rocks. If your boy doesn’t already have bunk beds, this would be the perfect time to add it to the list. What a great way to “climb” into bed every night. Do you think that your boy will outgrow a rock climbing wall in his bedroom? I bet you that he won’t. I bet that your child will praise you as the greatest parent ever!

Are you excited to get started on your kids one of a kind bedroom? I hope that these ideas really helped you imagine some bold design ideas. You are only a child once, and we all know how short lived that time can be. Make the most of your efforts with some big ideas that will really make an impact. A little extra incentive –both of these ideas can be put into action for under $300.00 dollars. It does not always take a ton of cash to generate something special. I hope you have fun creating your kids big room idea!

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