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Safety Tips for a Family-Friendly Garden

Home maintenance isn’t just restricted to keeping up with repairs to your property, but it also includes regular painting and tasks in the garden which are equally important to ensure it’s a safe environment for all the family to enjoy. However small or large your garden is, it’s often hard work to keep it well maintained and free from any potential dangers but with some frequent check ups you can help to make sure it’s a protected space for everyone to enjoy.


In your garden


There can be plenty of hazards in a garden including plants that are toxic for children and pets, an overturned rake or a sharp object hidden in the undergrowth. Regular walks around your garden will help you uncover possible pitfalls and prevent accidents from happening. Similarly, look out for uneven paving slabs or overgrown tree branches which can cause trips and falls.


Tools should be kept all together, preferably somewhere protected from the weather and equipment such as lawn mowers, chainsaws and other cutting tools should be placed out of reach from children. If you have weed killer or any toxic gardening chemicals, they too should be stored away in a safe place.

Repairs & Paints LLC. Home Painting Maintenance Patio and pool maintenance


Whatever type of patio design you have, frequent cleaning and brushing should be at the top of your list as they’re exposed to weather conditions all year round. Keep an eye out for weeds growing through cracks and gaps as if they’re left to grow they can do damage to the concrete or paving you have. If you have decking, make sure you wash it to prevent mold and mildew which can cause rot if not cared for and raise other safety issues when neglected.

The secret to keeping your pool in healthy condition is to give it regular maintenance so that you avoid common problems such as dirty water or broken pump equipment. In addition to cleaning debris from the water, check the water chemistry often to limit algae growth and slimy water. For obvious reasons, a swimming pool is one of the most important areas to follow pool and garden safety guidelines that should not be ignored.


Fencing and Gating


It’s no good keeping your garden safe if it’s not protected adequately so if you have fencing around the perimeter, this also needs to be looked after. Depending on what you have – wooden, chain-linked, vinyl or wired – checking general wear and tear is important to factor in on your regular checks. Fences are ideal for privacy and security so look out for gaps, weak posts or looseness which not only deters intruders but also makes the area safe if small children want to go exploring unattended out of the garden.


Similar inspections of gates also need to be undertaken to uncover any weak spots which make entry easier. Examine hinges and latches to make sure they’re in full working order and if you see any repairs, don’t be tempted to put them off until another day but fix them straightaway. Whatever your fences and gates are made of, you should be painting or using a protective coating every few years to ensure their longevity.


Your garden is there for all your family and friends to enjoy, from the little ones right up to the grandparents so making checks on a weekly or monthly basis is paramount to using the space in a safe and healthy way. Not only will your maintenance prevent potential accidents but it can also hinder any expensive repairs and even add value to a property if well cared for.  

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