Why Professional Exterior Painters

Professional Exterior Painters NJ

When it comes to exterior painting, an expert painting company can help you give your home a necessary facelift. An expert painting company not only adds values to your house, but also they help to protect your house from corrosive elements. When your house is ready for an exterior painting, you need to hire a company with a good and professional reputation. When hiring a painting company you need to have the following factors in mind:

  • Paint Quality
  • Preparation of Damaged Areas
  • Number of Coats
  • Necessary Time
  • Reputation
  • Cost of Painting

Paint Quality:

A painting company will take into account the size of your house, environment, condition of surface, and type of paint. High quality paint will last longer. But the cost will be high. Ask your contractor to itemize the types of paints that will be used depending upon the environment and weather. Check to make sure that the painting company uses that exact paint.

Preparation of Damaged Areas:

If the company needs to prepare more for the damaged areas they will add this to your quotes. More preparation means more money. Make sure that the company gives enough details of the breakdowns. It will give you the opportunity to agree to more specific terms with the company.

Number of Coats

Sometimes painting companies use brushes instead of sprayers. One coat of paint does not always add up. Also, when painting over a dark paint with a lighter one, you will need multiple coats. So, to minimize costs, your company will have to come up with a paint that can eliminate the problem of too much coating.

Necessary Time

One of the most important factors is that your company finishes the job on time. When painting the exterior of a house, it hampers the natural living of the residents. You will not want your painting company to last longer than expected.


Get referrals from different clients. The easiest way to do that is by searching for a company in Google, Yelp etc. for your local area or search social media.


Always get quote from two or more companies to compare. When you get all the bids from painting companies compare the prices along with the other factors. Don’t just go for the cheapest company or you may regret it later.

All exterior painting companies are not alike. With careful planning and comparison you will have a beautiful, long lasting and cost effective exterior painting.

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