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Bedroom Painting And Designing Your Room


If you are looking to change the look of your home there is no better way than to use interior painting. The best thing about painting is that it can change the total look of a room easily and affordably. It proves that decorating doesn’t have to be expensive! Here are some tips on bedroom painting and decorating ideas that you’ll love:


When it comes to your bedroom there are a wide range of colors you can pick from. In fact, you can use just about any color you like. So that’s where to start…

  1. Pick your favorite color. Whether it is blue or gray or purple…pick your favorite color and head down to the paint store. Get some swatches of colors that are possibilities. The good news is that there are literally thousands of colors in one hue to choose from so you likely will be busy for a while!
  1. Once you get your swatches from the paint store, bring them home. Hold them up to the bedroom wall and see what you think when looking at them from a distance. Remember that the color is going to go on all four walls. Though right now it is just a small swatch, if it’s a powerful color consider what it will look like from floor-to-ceiling on all four walls. For example, “Vermillion” can look great on a swatch but putting it up on all four walls can be overpowering.
  1. Ask yourself if your chosen interior painting color is good for one wall as an accent or for all four walls. Some designers do some interesting things by painting just one wall a striking color and leaving the others a cool white or off-white. This can be an interesting look and sometimes is the chosen option if you have a particularly strong color.
  1. Consider how each color makes you feel. For example, a bright pink wall can be fantastic for a happy play room. How will it play for a bedroom though? You want a color that helps you to relax and sleep. That’s why cool blues and whites are so popular. There is no rule saying you have to stick to them, but consider why they are so popular for bedrooms.
  1. Once you have your final 3-5 choices, it’s time to go back to your local South Jersey paint store. Ask for sample pints of each color you’re considering. Sometimes you can get a courtesy sample and sometimes you have to pay. If you do have to pay though, the cost is usually highly affordable.
  1. Paint a part of your wall with each of the colors you chose. It should be a 12-by-12-inch block. This gives you enough space to make a qualified decision and it won’t be too much of a hassle to cover the colors you don’t want. Be sure to save your swatches though! You can conveniently use them to find bedding and accessories later!
  1. Finally, consider lighting in the bedroom. Think about what each color is going to look like with the bright sun shining in and at night with artificial lighting. When picking which wall to test your samples on, pick a wall that gets direct sunlight. That way you can see how it looks at different times of day.

Once you come up with your final color, its time to get creative. Paint your walls and get ready to design your space!


After your bedroom has its interior painting completed, you can start to focus on furniture. Always design big-to-small, meaning pick your large pieces and then add mid-sized pieces to complement. Then add smaller pieces to complement those, etc. Usually your bed is going to be the biggest piece of furniture in your bedroom so decide if you want to keep it, or if your designing efforts include getting a new bed. If you’re keeping it, then skip to furniture. If not, then it’s time to go bed shopping. Decide on the style you want and shop around. You usually can find great deals in South Jersey and neighboring areas. Be sure to take advantage of them. Here is where you also can start to purchase your furniture. Bedding sets are convenient because you get the whole look of your room done with one package purchase.

Another important choice is what bedding you are going to use. Again- be sure to shop around. There are a lot of deals out there. Now that you have your interior painting color on, it will be easier to see what bedding will work and what bedding won’t. Again, start big-to-small with choosing bedding. Choose your comforter or duvet cover and then pick pieces that complement them.

When you’re done with the bedding, now its time to consider the other accessories within the room. Here is where you can go shopping to find rugs, lamps, pictures, glassware, pillows, chests and plants. Pick the ones that complete the room. Usually people have their bed on one wall and their desk on another. That leaves two walls to build up your design space. You may want to put a bookshelf on one wall or build a seating area on another. The point is to make your bedroom a reflection of who you are.


Designing your bedroom space with interior painting, furniture and accessories can be a fun endeavor. Not only is it exciting to do the planning and shopping, but it’s exciting to see what you created and how well it tells people who you really are!

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