Wall Painting Ideas

Need wall painting ideas?

South Jersey Painting IdeasLooking to add a little something extra to your house this time? Everyone knows, it’s all about the color. The first thing you need to think of isn’t color but scheme. Ask yourself if you want to compliment what you already have or if you want a strong contrast. That’s pretty simple isn’t is? Do you want your color choice to compliment your home? Or do you want to choose colors that will pull away and really pop out?

Believe it or not most home owners say that their true desire is to compliment the decor. If that is the case, then why is it that so many choose a wall color that strongly differs from their original thought? Trying to find color that works can be difficult. Too similar can make no impact. Too different has you searching for the perfect accent wall over and over. Take a look at some of our wall painting ideas.

You will notice that some of these wall painting ideas are bold. You will also notice that some are not. Consider thinking a little outside of the box. When you want your colors to stand out you can choose bold. Choose proudly and it will show well in the results. By choosing a trim color that has just a touch of the wall color, you will make a subtle but beautiful difference.

South Jersey Painting Ideas & ServicesChoosing pure white trim for the interior, or for that matter, the exterior of your home, will put all of the focus on the main color. This painting scheme is the most common and the most over looked. It makes it easy for everyone to notice the changes you have made. It gives you a clean and crisp look that has a personality all of its own. You can then bring that main wall color throughout your home. You can make subtle changes in that color family. You can accent a master bedroom wall with another more prominent color. This is, and always will be, a great way to paint your house. Our residential house painting professionals are aware of the difference. We are aware of the impact these changes can make.

How will you approach your wall painting?

There is a lot of thinking involved when you choose the difficult and subtle path. Sometimes you will overthink a room. Sometimes you will get so flustered that you revert to the tried and true wall painting idea method. The best part is, you can’t go wrong with paint. So don’t worry if you can’t figure something out. Professional painters like Repairs and Paints and other experts are here to help. An open mind and experience can go a long way. If you have the luxury of time, that helps too.

For those who do not have a ton of extra time there is another option. Of course running everything past your trusted painting contractor is always fun, but why not spread the fun around! Hiring an interior decorator or a designer is not as expensive as you might think. Are you weighing the cost of an interior designer against having the best home of your life? That doesn’t sound like too big of a contest to me. Have experienced professionals bring more wall painting ideas to the table. A paint color professional and an interior designer bring dozens of great ideas to light.

Some easy interior painting ideas for your home

So you have the determination. You have the budget. Now all you need are some ideas. Do they have to be your ideas? Why can’t you Exterior Painting Services South Jerseysupplement your own flash with someone else’s “inspiring thoughts”? I think that’s exactly what you should do! Your home deserves a touch of sparkle. Your home is the perfect place to start expressing your ideas. You can tug  a little inspiration from many places. A boundless place to get ideas from, is the effects around you. You have spent years obtaining and creating products. Do you think color might have had some bearing in those decisions? Let these simple inspirations guide your interior painting ideas.

Let’s start simple. The dish set that you adore, that’s right. The one that vacations on your dining room table year round. The one that no one uses but everybody appreciates. Let’s take some colors from there. Take color from your favorite piece of artwork. Maybe a throw pillow that matches your coffee colored couch. Let’s try that one out. Your throw pillows are blue, trimmed in white, and fringed in brown. When selecting colors for rooms like a living room, take from this.  You now have the blue color family, white color family, and brown color family. You do not have to consecutively paint your walls blue, your baseboards white, and your doors brown. That may be a great painting idea but it is not the only painting choice. How about the reverse? Try taking the more prominent colors in your beloved piece and inverting that idea.

Walls aren’t your only possibility. What if you could use your ceilings to fashion the look you want? Lighter colors are always best on the ceiling. Using a murky brown on your ceiling might not be the best thought. Maybe something in that family would work. Find a “Beach Sand” color from the brown family. This works perfectly for a great painting effect. So if light colors are great on the ceilings, and higher sheen reflect and bring in light, why not a higher sheen on the ceiling? That’s a great painting idea! Not everyone feels poised in making these decisions. Putting an eggshell gloss or high gloss in every room won’t help your specific project stand out. Use greater sheen for a more classy look and high end appearance. Bringing this into your idea portfolio can truly open the door for other inspirations.

Interior Painting South Jersey Ideas & ServicesSo, you have the perfect colors in your favorite room. You have added an eggshell finish to the ceiling to give it a little more appeal. Does it still feel like you’re absent something? Shadow boxing would really help get you there but is that really a commitment you want to make? Large emphasized ceiling beams are great too. You don’t have to use large beams. You could have decorative boxed molding added. You could even install crown molding. All of these upgrades are great for your household. We at Repairs and Paints love to provide these services to help add value to your home.

What about something a little less embellished? Do you remember Grandma’s kitchen stenciling? Guess what; stenciling has come a long way. Interior designers love to use creative and simple stencil designs. This is one of the finest and most effective ways to get that something extra. So, again you have your Cream colored walls. Your Sand colored ceiling in the eggshell finish. You have trimmed the door casings in the perfect Brown color. You accented your focus wall with the greatest shade of Blue you could find. Maybe this is where you bring in the white colors? Adding a great stencil design to your walls will bring sophistication into the room. An artistic flare that your friends and family will love.

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