Painting Over Caulk

How to Paint Over Caulk in Mt Laurel NJ

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Have you ever tried to paint over silicone caulking? Maybe your kitchen or bathroom was recently remodeled. If so, your carpenter should have used silicone caulking to seal around all plumbing and countertop edges. Silicone caulk is a waterproof seal that will protect you from water getting behind cabinets, counters, and fixtures.

Can’t get a straight line?

What happens when you attempt to paint a straight line over top of a silicone seal? The paint separates and does not adhere. You will find yourself constantly trying to fix your line. It can be unsightly to have a new kitchen or bathroom with crooked paint lines. Silicone being waterproof also repels paint.

Solutions to painting over caulk

Our professionals have 2 very simple solutions. With the experience of professional painters, you can achieve a professional look. Use the tricks that the pros do.

Caulking in South JerseySolution #1 – Do not attempt to paint over silicone. Instead of painting – caulk over the silicone with a paintable and durable latex caulk. The latex caulk will easily adhere to the silicone. Your silicone seal will still protect against water from beneath the latex. Allow the new paintable latex caulk time to dry. You may now easily paint a straight line over top of your new seal.

Caulking in South JerseySolution #2 – Another method used would be to first tape a perfectly straight line using blue masking tape. Then prime over top of the silicone with adhesion primer. Next, when the primer dries – topcoat with your wall paint. When the wall paint has dried, remove the masking tape.

Using either of these professional tips will help your home look its best. The finished edges of your project are what everyone can see. Even if the bulk areas look great, that image can be brought to a halt because of an unfinished edge. You should now have an easier time painting over caulk edges. A straight line and a crystal clear vision of your home will tell its own story.

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