Cover Up Before You Paint

Things to Cover Prior to Beginning Your Painting

What is the correct way to paint a house? Ask an experienced house painter for some tips. Is preparation really the key to a great looking paint job? A combination of hard work and know-how will have you on your way.NJ House Painting Preparation

Before you get started, there is typically a list of things that you need to think about before you even get the cans open and the brushes out. If you are doing the job yourself or if you are working with a pro, you should try to ensure that all of the following has been dealt with long before the job actually starts;

  • Carry out a thorough inspection of the room(s) in question, making sure that everywhere that is NOT to be painted is clearly marked
  • Purchase these items; canvas drop clothes, masking tape, painters plastic
  • Make sure that all items like carpets, flooring etc. are all covered up long before the paint gets brought in
  • Look for scratches and drips on the surfaces you are painting so that you can try to resolve them instead of just leaving the hole or the damage there
  • Check for all natural wood in the room and make sure that it’s well covered – unsealed wood will soak up paint drips
  • Make sure that all furnishings are going to be covered up and/or removed from the room so that you can get the job done. We’ve covered this in further detail HERE
  • In preparation for baseboard painting – mask the floors so that you can easily run your brush across your baseboard without worrying about the hardwood, tile, or carpet
  • Simply put, cover these areas; floors, furnishings, sockets, switches, door knobs, fixtures, ceiling fans, countertops, cabinets

Now that you know what to prepare and look out for, you should find it much easier to start preparing and planning how to go about landing the perfect painting job. Covering things up and taking care of the little things means the job can be error-free and fun instead.


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