Exterior Painting in New Jersey

Repairs And Paint Offers Premiere Exterior Painting In New Jersey

If you are considering a new look for your home, always think about changing its exterior color. Finding a great company in the Cherry Hill NJ area to do the exterior painting can be difficult, but luckily there are professional companies that can handle any job.

One such company is Repairs and Paints. We are New Jersey’s most trusted home repair and painting company, offering both indoor and outdoor solutions. If you need the exterior of your home painted, we are the perfect company to get the job done quickly, efficiently and at a great price.

If you are in the midst of changing your home’s color, however, you may have a difficult time making a decision on the look you want. Here are some things to consider when deciding on an exterior color for your house:

  1. Consider the things around the house you cannot change. For example, the shingles, shudders, window trim and doors are all staples of your house. Even if you completely alter the outside paint color, these things are going to remain the same. Definitely take this into account when you are debating what color to change your home to. If your shingles are dark, for example, ask yourself what exterior house colors are going to work with that. On the other hand, if your shudders are light, what colors would work with them? Or, do you need to change those colors too? Another thing you should consider is the foliage around your home. If you have large bushes or colorful plants, be sure that they will look right with the exterior paint you choose. The number one thing you should be concerned with is curb appeal. Make sure you preserve it by taking the entire look of your house into account when debating changing its color.
  1. Next, think about your home’s era and architectural style. You want the exterior color to feel appropriate to the style of your house. For example, if your home is a Queen Anne Victorian, you are likely going to want it to have vastly different colors than if it were a midcentury modern ranch. Many good painting companies offer historically accurate colors, which can be a great starting place for you to consider what your options are. Once you narrow them down, you can start deciding on other things to make the final decisions. Repairs and Paints is a great company to consult on the decision. We can tell you what colors would work best in your neighborhood. Any resident in Cherry Hill, Mt. Laurel, Marlton or Medford likely knows about our company and will tell you the guidance we can offer when picking a color.
  1. Also, consider what visual effect you are looking for with exterior painting. Of course curb appeal is important, but think beyond that. What other effect are you trying to achieve? If your home is surrounded by trees or large bushes, a brighter color can make it stand out. Whereas a darker color can make it less assuming. Also, if your house is in direct sunlight most of the day, consider playing off of that with a brighter color. It may help to increase curb appeal for the future when you do want to sell. If you are looking to make your move less of a stand-out, consider the darker colors. Darker hues can make a home appear to recede into the setting. This is another option for homeowners.
  1. Visit a paint store and take some swatches. Take as many as you want to. When you get home though, start going through them to find the top 3. This is a great number to start with. It’s manageable but still gives you some selection. Once you have your top 3 exterior colors, take them outside at various times of day. You want to be sure that the color you end up choosing is going to give you the effect you want day or night. You want it to be just as pleasing to your eye at all times. Also—try standing by your house as you consider colors, but also stand across the street and think about the colors. Though you’re likely close to your home, think about what it will look like to passers-by and neighbors. You want it to appeal to people so they know the quality investment you made.
  1. Once you decide on your top color, don’t rely on just the swatch. Remember that paint can show completely differently when applied than it did when it was on the swatch. Holding it up to the house, is not the same as the entire house being covered with it. Go back to the paint store and get a quart of test paint. Use it in an inconspicuous area of the house to truly see how it will look. Again, be sure to visit the patch at differing times of the day to make sure that it truly is the color you want. Once you decide, you’re ready to give your painting professional the go-ahead and get the job done.

Deciding on an exterior paint color can be a difficult task because of the many considerations involved. Be sure to take time to decide what the exact color you want for your house is. Once you do, discuss it with your painting professional. They can give you their thoughts on the color, as based on the neighborhood, and get your job done quickly and efficiently. You’ll love the result and thanks to your own research along with Repairs and Paint, you’ll have the dream home you always wanted.

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