Quick Room Painting Tips

Quick tips for painting a room

Painting PreparationSome of the simplest tasks can produce the best results. A haircut and a clean set of clothes can change your appearance for the better. In the same manner, a new coat of paint can give you a greater feeling about your space. Here are a few tips to help you paint your room.

Prepare your surface

The beginning stages of any paint job will require a clean surface. The first stage of painting a room will require a sponge and a bucket of soap water. Detergent used for your dishes will be enough. Clean the entire wall and remove any stains, dust and grease.

Mark Your Territory

Whether you use a painting service or handle the task on your own you should use some painter’s tape to mark your edges. It shouldn’t take a professional interior painting company to convince you that this job can be messy. Upon completion the tape will make clean up a breeze.

Room Painting Services NJApplying A Base

Painting a room requires a primer on the walls prior to the main color. You could feasibly do the job without the primer, but the sheen and luster that your primer brings out will be worth the extra time and money involved.

Sharper Images

If you want your first attempt at painting your room to turn out perfect, then make sure you use a standard brush and a roller. This stage of the job will need a basic brush for you to apply your paint to any area where you are pretty certain the roller won’t be able to access. Those sections will probably be the areas where your blue tape was used.

Think Efficient

If you hire an interior painting company to handle the job the first thing you will notice is that they are all about efficiency. Using your roller brush begin the process at one end of your wall. A professional painting service will advise you to use the W technique which is intended to cut your time in half. You may use other patterns; however, the W will ensure that maximum coverage is achieved.

Interior Room PaintingFinishing Touches

You are now in the final stages of painting your room. The painted walls should be dry to the touch. Using your painters tape go ahead and apply a straight line across the base boards or bottom molding. Apply your paint below the tape and wait for it to be completely dry before removing the tape. The only thing left to do at this point is to clean things up and take out the trash.

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