How To Paint Houses

Beginners Guide to Exterior House Painting

We all know and understand that our family homes are often one of the largest assets that we own. This means it can often be a little disheartening if it begins to look uncared for on the outside. Painting your home can be a big task or even an expensive one if you do not wish to do it yourself. Do not be put off by doing it yourself, it really is much easier than it may first sound. The important aspects on how to paint a house yourself is firstly, ensuring that you do it right and secondly and most importantly how to stay safe.House Painting in South Jersey

If you are looking to rejuvenate your homes appearance or you just fancy a visual change, follow these simple 4 inexpensive steps below.

Points to remember before you begin painting

  • Remember to plan a specific time of the year when you wish to paint your home. Typically individuals in the North East of the United States plan their painting in the late spring.
  • Make sure you have all the tools you need. Paint brushes, rollers, cleaners, ladders, etc. If you are unsure as to what you may need, ask an expert in your local hardware store. They’re more than happy to help.
  • Make sure that you clear the surrounding area of any vehicles, garden furniture, flower pots etc.
  • Check the rooftops, especially the eaves of the roof where there could be a bird of wasp nests. Ensure to remove them carefully or by a professional.

1. Prepare the exterior of your home

First you should always check the current condition of your home’s paint job. If your home appears to have paint problems, it’s always recommended that you educate yourself to find the source of the problem. If your home’s paint job just needs refreshing you will need to follow these steps: Scrape, sand, dust, wash and finally, prime.

Some individuals, when using a power washer before painting often pour bleach into the water. Avoid this at all costs. It can create an unsightly color on your home and can often damage seals, hoses and pumps on your power washer.

It is important to take time with the preparation of your home. This will often take the most of your time when it comes to painting your home, but a rushed job on preparation will make all of your painting useless and in vain.

2. Wash the exterior of your home

powerwash in south jerseyA power washer is certainly the time saver in all of this. If you unfortunately do not own one, you can borrow one from a friend or family member or even rent one for a cheap price.

  • Ensure that all of your home’s doors and windows are shut correctly and also cover any exterior electrical outlets that you may have.
  • Remember the importance of safety. Wear protective waterproof clothing.
  • If you choose to use a power washer, remember to spray in a continuous motion approximately three to four feet away from your home’s painted surface. Spraying in one spot can cause significant damage.
  • Remember to spray from the top downwards. This allows any dirt to slide down the side of your home which can be easily washed away.
  • Allow time for the exterior to dry completely. It is recommended that you wait 24 hours before taking the next step.

3. Don’t forget the primer

Before you begin painting your home, you must first prime it. Use a high quality primer when painting overexposed or new wooden parts of your home, or if you repainting over dark or incredibly bright colors. Remember to always read the label of your primer and ensure it has excellent adhesion to your home’s exterior surface. It should be able to hide stains and shouldn’t blister.

4. Select the right paint for your home

With so many different exterior paints to choose from it may be difficult to assess which one you currently have on your home. You needn’t worry, there is an incredibly easy way to discover if you have latex or oil paint. If you are able to peel off a large chip of paint from the exterior, you should check if it snaps completely or can bend before chipping. Oil paint snaps incredibly easily, whereas latex allows for some resistance. If you are still unsure as to what paint you need on your home, take a chip sample off your exterior and take it to your local paint store.

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