1. Quick Room Painting Tips

    Quick tips for painting a room Some of the simplest tasks can produce the best results. A haircut and a clean set of clothes can change your appearance for the better. In the same manner, a new coat of paint can give you a greater feeling about your space. Here are a few tips to help you paint your room. Prepare your surface The beginning stages of any paint job will require a clean surface. The …Read More

  2. Basic Exterior Painting Guide

    Great Tips for Exterior Painting of Your House Since the DIY craze became a global hit in this century, people are looking for credible information on ways in making their projects to look and feel like professional results. Since one of the best things to beautify external parts of your home is to paint exterior parts of your home, DIY exterior painting became a topic on the net that is being lo…Read More

  3. Why Professional Exterior Painters

    When it comes to exterior painting, an expert painting company can help you give your home a necessary facelift. An expert painting company not only adds values to your house, but also they help to protect your house from corrosive elements. When your house is ready for an exterior painting, you need to hire a company with a good and professional reputation. When hiring a painting company you nee…Read More

  4. Simple Kitchen Painting Tips

    Kitchen Painting Tips Choosing paint colors for the kitchen can be a frustrating and time-consuming process. There are many shades to consider. The good news for you is that our Repairs and Paints experts can provide you with kitchen painting ideas and tips that can really help make your work easy. Before you start a paint job - whether it is for a small are, large area, or a complicated area suc…Read More

  5. Helpful Deck Painting Tips

    How to paint your deck Have a dull deck and want to paint it a new color? Are you wondering how you are going to go about the whole business?  Well, trouble your brain no more. This article is taking you through the most applicable ways of having your deck painting done the best way. Deck Painting Deck painting like any other design requires professional skill so that you do not end up with an aw…Read More

  6. How To Paint Houses

    Beginners Guide to Exterior House Painting We all know and understand that our family homes are often one of the largest assets that we own. This means it can often be a little disheartening if it begins to look uncared for on the outside. Painting your home can be a big task or even an expensive one if you do not wish to do it yourself. Do not be put off by doing it yourself, it really is much …Read More

  7. Flooring Installation

    Are you ready to do your own flooring installation? Remember their are many different types of "hardwood floors" you can choose from. That gorgeous floor you may have seen at your friends home may not be hardwood at all. It may in fact be engineered or laminate flooring. Don't be shy when it comes to asking a friend about their home improvements. I'm sure it will make them feel great about the j…Read More

  8. Boys Room Painting

    Boys Room Painting Ideas It can be challenging to choose colors when painting a boys room.  If you think you are lost for ideas, then let us help you choose the right colors for your child’s room.  Repairs and Paints can put you in touch with professional house painters in your local area. You may not know where to start from or you may not be confident about putting your imagination into acti…Read More

  9. Light Affects Paint Colors

    How Light Affects Paint Colors in your Home If you really want your home remodeling project to shine, choose your lighting before you pick out paint and carpeting. The lighting that you pick will set the mood and change the way you see your colors through your home. The Tuscan orange you chose for your family room can look like the perfect European sunset under perfected lighting conditions. Think…Read More

  10. Wall Painting Ideas

    Need wall painting ideas? Looking to add a little something extra to your house this time? Everyone knows, it's all about the color. The first thing you need to think of isn't color but scheme. Ask yourself if you want to compliment what you already have or if you want a strong contrast. That's pretty simple isn't is? Do you want your color choice to compliment your home? Or do you want to choose …Read More