Professional Exterior Painters Cherry Hill NJ

Exterior Painting in Cherry Hill NJ

exterior painters for your Cherry Hill home? Our team of painters has been trained in the most recent painting techniques and procedures. We always emphasize the importance of safety. Our painters work together to ensure a safe and productive paint job. To properly paint your Cherry Hill home or business, experience and preparation is the key. Allow our professionals to provide you with quality services and long lasting beauty.

Protect Exterior Surfaces

The outside of your home can really become an eyesore if not kept and cared for properly. Our exterior painters make it top priority to thoroughly check your exterior for damages before painting begins. Our painters will caulk your windows, trim, and siding before painting.

  • Caulking your windows will prevent water from coming into your home
  • Caulking your trim and siding will ensure moisture is kept out

Our exterior painters will sand down any rough surfaces as well. Many times your window sills will need to be sanded down. When water sits on your window sill it can cause the paint to deteriorate and peel.

  • Sanding creates a smooth finish
  • Sanding prior to painting creates better paint adhesion

Do you have wooden columns on your front porch or around your home? Often the wooden area at the bottom of columns or door casings can begin to rot. Our exterior painters can check around your Cherry Hill home for any of these damages.

  • Check porch columns
  • Check casings and trim around entryways and garage doors

Our professionals have the know how to repair the rotting damages cause by water being drawn into your home.

Why Choose Repairs and Paints

Looking for professional exterior painters Cherry Hill has a great team of experts to count on. We pride ourselves on a job well done. You need a painting company that has experience, knowledge, and the integrity to follow through on their work. With over 15 years of exterior painting experience, you know that your home or office is in good hands. Ask our customers about the encounter they have had with our exterior painters in Cherry Hill. Our team has received “The Award of Excellence” 5 years in a row. We have also been “Voted Best Residential Painters 2019 & 2020″. You can rest easy knowing that your paint project is in the hands of an exterior painting company that is insured, licensed, and proven to deliver great services to your area. For affordable and professional exterior painters Cherry Hill homeowners rely on our team. When you are ready to begin, call us for a free quote!

Need our exterior trim painting services?

Repairs and Paints provides customers in the South Jersey area with a high quality service. Our trim painting services are the most affordable around. One thing you cannot afford, is to neglect your wooden trim. Your siding may look great. Your shutters, and front door could be brand new. The trim on the exterior of your home has a purpose. Carpenters do not build your siding right to the edge of your roof for a reason. Not only does painting your trim help your exterior look beautiful. It protects the weakest points into your home. Your exterior trim is in place to keep out wind, rain, and insects. These are three major ingredients for disaster.

Without proper exterior trim painting, your home is bound to have issues. Insects, bugs, and bees love wooden siding. They will make your home, their home. Painting your trim will keep out bugs. They will turn away from your exterior trim and find another place to inhabit. The wind will tear away at your wooden trim. The sun will eat away at your house paint over time. The wind and the sun will weaken your homes exterior trim. Then comes the rain! If your trim is not properly kept, the rain and moisture will enter your beautiful home. Without sealing and painting the exterior trim, water and moisture is guaranteed to make its entrance. The exterior trim on your home will then rot away from behind the surface. The rotting of your wood does not start on the surface. The damages occur behind the scenes. The moisture is held behind the wood. The surface may appear dry, but if you have not painted your exterior trim, your wood has surely been infected and will need to be replaced immediately.

  • the weakest point into your home, is at the seams
  • trim painting will keep out bugs
  • trim painting will protect from moisture and sun exposure
  • paint is your best defense against the elements

 Repairs and Paints trim painting services

So you know that you need to paint your trim. Do you know what color to pick? Our professional house painters are able to help you with these choices. Our years of experience with painting exteriors can come in handy. We are able to guide your decision with expert color consulting. You can’t go wrong with white can you? Remember, there are a thousand different white colors to choose from in our paint decks. Find a white that will pull from your siding color. Your trim does not need to serve as an accent. When you paint the exterior trim on your home, you want to accentuate. Your goal should be to help these two colors flow together. The best way to do this is to ask our color experts for paint samples. When you are ready to start your exterior trim painting, our professional house painters will be there to provide you with an affordable approach to your project.