1. You Get What You Paint

    Professional Services, Information that can help! With so many paint colors to choose from on the market, it can be easy to get overwhelmed with your options, especially considering how every paint is made differently. These simple choices can not only affect your house but the bills and people in it. Did you know that the color of paint you choose can impact your utilities & energy used? Ligh…Read More

  2. Trending Painting Colors of 2016

    The color trends for 2016 are listed below for the convenience of painting companies and individual painters. The individual colors are listed first followed by the trendiest color collections. Any painting company can easily add these colors to their color cards. Coral reef – SW 6606 is the color of the year. All painting companies should add this one to their color cards. It is a warm pink th…Read More

  3. Improve your Kids Room

    BIG IDEA FOR KIDS ROOM How are you doing on your kids room ideas? Are you becoming overwhelmed by the number of tasks you haven’t yet completed? What you need to do is find an easy place to start. The first thing you should consider is practicality. Do you want your big idea to help your child be more active and alert? I think that we all want our children to be filled with positive energy and i…Read More

  4. Choosing Office Paint Colors

    How to Choose Home Office Paint Colors Today it is not uncommon to hear about entrepreneurs, business owners and employees working more and more from their own homes. Typically, working from home means sourcing and fashioning additional space in your home to create a personal office. Nevertheless, when it comes around to the idea or task of decorating, the home office is typically the last room w…Read More

  5. How to Paint Exterior Homes in Cherry Hill NJ

    An Overview: House Painting in Cherry Hill NJ In "How to Paint the Exterior of a House," Sherry Rauh offers pointers for anyone contemplating house painting, particularly exterior painting. She describes a method that a professional painting service might follow in order to obtain excellent results.Whether you own a painting company, or simply wish to paint the outside of your own residence, the t…Read More

  6. Painting Tips for Spring and Summer

    Spring and summer are excellent times to do home improvement jobs around the home. The type of jobs performed can range from fixing the plumbing, lawn service, to knocking out a wall of the home to build on a new room. One of the more common is painting the inside or outside of the home to make it look new, clean and fresh. For those who want to do their best professional job, here are a few basic…Read More

  7. Finding Painting Companies

    Whether your are a current or prospective home owner, you are most likely very aware of the importance of conducting certain types of repairs, installments, replacements and/or upgrades within the interiors of your premises. There are several areas in a home that should be considered as being places of concern. Whether an individual is aware of it or not, the slightest changes in a home can have a…Read More

  8. Looking for South Jersey Painters

    South Jersey Painting Companies Maintaining the appearance of buildings is the most important aspect of hiring South Jersey painters. City-wide beautification projects have been a focal point of movements in the area. South Jersey has code restrictions in effect that demand certain impositions. South Jersey painting companies are working to improve on the image that local communities showcase. Hi…Read More

  9. Quick Room Painting Tips

    Quick tips for painting a room Some of the simplest tasks can produce the best results. A haircut and a clean set of clothes can change your appearance for the better. In the same manner, a new coat of paint can give you a greater feeling about your space. Here are a few tips to help you paint your room. Prepare your surface The beginning stages of any paint job will require a clean surface. The …Read More

  10. Basic Exterior Painting Guide

    Great Tips for Exterior Painting of Your House Since the DIY craze became a global hit in this century, people are looking for credible information on ways in making their projects to look and feel like professional results. Since one of the best things to beautify external parts of your home is to paint exterior parts of your home, DIY exterior painting became a topic on the net that is being lo…Read More