1. Painting Garage Doors

    Types Of Paint For Garage Doors   There are several types of paints that are good to paint your garage doors but you need to consider the type that has the following qualities for you to get the best from the paint.   Durability   The most important quality of the type of paint for your garage door whether it is a metal door or a wooden door is durability. You have to buy any paint …Read More

  2. House Painting This Fall | Let’s Get the House Ready!

    Great Tips For Autumn House Painting Fall is one of the best times of year to paint the exterior of your home, as most of us will try to avoid house painting during the balmy summer months and the winter is far too cold for such a task. By adding a fresh coat to your home's exterior this fall, you can transform your residence and have it looking like new. Now that the kids are getting ready to go…Read More

  3. Your Next Painting Project | Cherry Hill NJ 08003

    10 Rules for Your Next Painting Project Colors make life beautiful and make our homes look amazing. It’s the color selections, combinations and contrasts which bring our walls, interiors and exteriors to life. So when it comes to painting colors in our homes, then we have every reason to be very sure of our selection. If you are planning for a painting job shortly in your home then you need to f…Read More

  4. Painting Wood in South Jersey

    Not only can you master painting & sprucing up the walls in your home, but you can also learn to be a pro at painting wood. With any job containing wood, you’re going to want to smooth the surface first. Sand the unpainted wood with grit paper that has a number of 150 or higher. If you want to tackle light sanding, use a 120 grit sandpaper. The higher the grit sandpaper, the smoother the woo…Read More

  5. Painting Prep 101

    From choosing the best paints to use, to choosing an appropriate finish, to being aware of VOCs in paint, we’ve made it our mission to educate you on paint and making your home not only a stunning one but a healthy one too. You can’t utilize all of this knowledge without the proper equipment and preparation. When painting you’ll need to apply paint and coatings with high-quality application …Read More

  6. Finish First

    The Painting Products that best fit you Paint and natural wood finishes are an effective way to protect and decorate surfaces. From flat to gloss, both latex and oil/alkyd paints offer a full range of finishes. The sheen you desire & choose is based on the final look and durability you want to achieve. Make your paint last by utilizing a finish that works. Adding a finish to any paint job not…Read More

  7. Exterior House Painters Mt Laurel NJ

    Challenges of Painting Exteriors in Mt Laurel NJ 08054 At Repairs & Paints we’ve dealt with plenty of problems along the way when managing home exteriors. Trying to paint a house and get them into shape is hard work, and usually requires you to put in quite a bit of effort. The various challenges that await you once you start can become a stumbling block. in some cases this can lead to you b…Read More

  8. Welcome To Repairs and Paints!

    Welcome to Repairs and Paints, LLC. We are your Top Rated Local® interior and exterior New Jersey painters. We are a family owned and operated business that has been providing homeowners and businesses with top of the line interior and exterior painting services for the past 15 years. No matter how large or small your professional painting needs are, Repairs and Paints has got you covered. Our pr…Read More