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Repairs & Paints has been providing professional house painting in Shamong NJ and the surrounding areas for over 15 years. When it comes to exterior and interior house painting, we believe that the quality is in the details. We have a team of skilled painters and contractors that take a great deal of pride in their work. Straight and clean lines can make your living room, kitchen, and bedroom look absolutely fabulous. Every customer is delivered a polished and finished product. For our clients, craftsmanship and  results are the number one priority. At Repairs & Paints no job is too big or too small. We give our customers the attention and time that is needed to complete the paint job properly the first time. If you are looking to paint the whole house or just one room, our team of house painters are here to help.

House Painting Shamong NJ

Interior House Painting

Often times a person will walk into a living space and describe the space as either warm feeling, cozy feeling, relaxing, bold, or even cold. What our customers don’t always understand is that the color of the area and how you decide to paint the walls and trim weigh greatly in that feeling. Interior painting is much more than how you put the paint onto the walls. Here at Repairs & Paints, we are professionals at painting and preparing the interior of your house. We have the experience to match perfectly the proper finishes and colors for your homes interior. Let our experts help you to pick out the perfect color to set the tone, or mood, that you want. Let our painting company guide you on your way to making unique and creative decisions for your living space that you and your family will enjoy.

Exterior House Painting

They say that a first impression means everything. That same sentiment rings true when we are talking about the exterior of your home. It doesn’t matter how well you have taken care of the interior of your home if the exterior is in despair. At Repairs & Paints we help to create custom exterior painting and structural eye catchers that are made to impress. Let us help your house painting experience be a unique and fun time. Repairs & Paints will help you to pick out the perfect combination of colors for any size or shaped home. Are your architectural home feature worth highlighting by using different colors? Let’s think about painting all the different materials the outside of your house is made from. We will help you to accentuate the shutters, window frames, crown moldings, soffits, shingles, shingle and shake accents, recessed paneling, and more. Are we painting cedar shake, clapboard siding, or stucco? Have you thought about painting the exterior brick, or asbestos on your home. Does the house have any masonry or stone accents that would look great if they were shown in just the right light? Use the existing color of your roof and other outside landscaped features to tie your exterior painting project together. Your color choices are the most important in this decision making process. Whichever colors are your favorite, be sure to bring them into the fold. Explore the many color options that come with painting the exterior of your home.

Residential House Painting

We at Repairs & Paints are sure to prepare for your exterior painting with care and diligence. We will first wash the outside of your home to remove all dirt and mildew that would interfere with a proper painting job. We will then prepare the surfaces of your home by scraping away loose and peeling paints and caulks. We will caulk and fill gaps and prevent water damages from occurring. We will sand smooth any rough surfaces. Sanding before painting will also help greatly with paint adhesion and a long lasting finish. We will make sure to prime all porous and unsealed areas of the home. After our perfect house painting job, we will do all of the cleaning for you! Our painting company will make sure you have the time to inspect our work. We want to take you on a full walk-through of all of the house painting work that was performed. We want you to love your newly painted house!

Why call the house painting experts?

Looking to paint your house in the South Jersey area but don’t want to take on this difficult job by yourself? With Repairs & Paints painting your home doesn’t have to be hard. We want you to deal with the fun stuff like choosing colors. We have experienced color technicians that will assist you with all of your color choices. We want to keep your painting project on track and on time. Don’t worry about the hard work of painting the house yourself. This can be a dangerous job. Call our reliable team of house painters. We are committed to helping you with all of your house painting needs. We want to build a long term relationship with our customers. Our clients satisfaction guarantee is in place to ensure that you are happy with the final product. We will treat your home with respect at all times. Let Repairs & Paints save you time and money by hiring professionals that get the job done right the first time. Contact us for a free painting consultation!