Painting Company in Mt Laurel NJ

Repairs & Paints has been the South Jersey source of professional commercial and residential painting for over 15 years. Doesn’t your Mt Laurel home or business deserve the very best? Well then, let us show you what a great painting company can do. Our team of painters is quickly able to tackle any project, large or small. We treat each job with careful attention to detail. The reason that hundreds in the area have hired our company is because of the craftsmanship and quality that goes into our work. Don’t continue looking for the best bargain. The best deal you can get, is a great looking paint job by our professionals.

What Exactly Do We Offer:

Our painting company specializes in residential interior house painting. We excel in exterior painting, and we provide quality painting. Most South Jersey homes and businesses are in need of both repair and painting. We are diligent in first preparing and repairing your home or office. If you need drywall repairs, trim and baseboard repairs, or even wallpaper removal, you have come to the right place. Our painters insist on repairing all of your surfaces prior to painting. We take great care to make your home look like new. We cover and mask all surfaces that aren’t being painted. We finish each project with a final inspection and walk-through.

Contact us today for a free quote on all of your projects. You can reach Repairs & Paints directly by calling (856) 912-1614. Your business is important to us. We will work hard to make sure you are happy with all of the work we do. Our referral based painting company is excited to hear from your family and friends next. Keep our card in your wallet. We know that you will happily refer our services to the dozens of people searching for a quality painting contractor.

Finding Painters In Mt. Laurel, New Jersey

Many homeowners are looking to revitalize their house with cost-effective but dramatic changes. One great way to do this is to paint. If you’re looking for painters in Mt. Laurel, New Jersey, you’re in luck. There are a wide variety of specialists in the area so how do you pick one?

Picking a painter is serious business. You don’t want a new painter without the experience you need but you also don’t want a painter that is out of your price range. Here are seven tips to finding the perfect painter in Mt. Laurel, New Jersey:

  1. Check for lead paint. Homes built prior to 1978 may have lead paint. Lead is highly toxic and young children in particular can be in danger because of it. Remember that small children put everything in their mouths. Dangerous lead is something that needs to be addressed. A good paint inspection can let you know the type of paint used to treat your home. A risk assessment can help you keep yourself and your family safe. In the meantime, keep window sills clean by washing them with paper towels, wash all toys frequently, sweep and use a vacuum with a HEPA-filter. Dispose of all debris carefully and thoroughly.
  2. Prepare for your painter. When your painter comes to do the assessment, be ready for them. You may want to clear out some areas so they can accurately measure areas to be painted. You may want to fix small wall imperfections. Whatever you want to do to make his job more straightforward, take care of before he visits. The last thing you want is an unorganized work area to meet your new painting specialist.
  3. Hire the right professional. When it comes to hiring the right painter, take precautions to meet with a few. Let them give you quotes and ask for references. Check out those references and ask about what type of job the painter did. Ask about whether or not they were on schedule, whether they met the proposed budget and if they were reasonable to work with. Once you narrow your search down, meet with the painters and see which one fits your needs closest. Remember that experience counts and don’t always pick the lowest estimate. You want the work done, but you want it done properly- the first time.
  4. Ask about extra services and costs. Some painters also offer small handyman services. If you have wall imperfections you can’t handle yourself, or that are too high, ask your painter if they can take care of these. A good painter will know how to fix minor issues with relatively no problems. If you do combine services, you may also find a good deal out of the transaction. Of course make sure you get this written up in the contract as well so you know exactly what you are being charged for, what is included in regular service and what is not.
  5. Pick the paint color. Now that you’ve taken care of the preparation, it’s time for the fun part—picking the color. The easiest way to do this is to first look at magazines and then visit a paint store. Take home some swatches and hold them up to your wall at different times of the day. Think about what other colors complement the wall and how the entire look is going to come together. Once you narrow down your color choices, you can return to the paint store and ask for sample pints. Put a small amount up on your walls. Again- be sure to assess the colors in the morning, afternoon and at night to see which one looks best on your walls.
  6. Choose the appropriate finish. Your paint specialist can give you suggestions, but there are some general rules to follow with finish. If your walls are uneven and have a lot of imperfections, consider using flat paint. This is going to mask a lot of the variations in the wall. Keep in mind though that flat paint can be harder to clean and get stains out of. Another rule is that the shinier the paint’s finish is, the more washing, scrubbing and cleaning it can withstand. If you have small children, gloss paints can be wall savers. If you have imperfect walls, flats can hide a lot.
  7. Always consider your budget. Make sure you have a clear-cut and firm budget when it comes to any home improvement. You need to know exactly how much you can afford and pick providers accordingly. Also, be sure to ask if your painters have payment options. Some will allow you to pay part up-front and then make payments. Others require half up-front and the remainder upon completion. All of the terms of the contract should be clearly written out and given to you for review at any time. Also when considering budget, include time in the planning. Ask your painter when he can start and approximately how long it will take to finish the job. You want to be sure that you won’t have to keep your furniture in storage or in the garage for longer than necessary.

Finding painters in Mt. Laurel, New Jersey is not going to be difficult. Finding the right painter, though, may take time. Be sure to do your research and ask around for referrals. Take time to find the perfect professional to handle your job. That way you can minimize any issues that may arise and end up with a beautiful result. Call us today for a free painting quote!