Residential Painting in Medford NJ

Repairs & Paints is a company that prides itself on bringing home painting to the next level. For over a decade, Repairs & Paints has been proudly serving the residents of Medford NJ with quality house painting. The days where a quick, cheap coat of paint is what a painting company would perform, are no more. In the year 2016, we understand that our customers are searching for the best products, the best solutions, and the best services that they can find. Do other companies measure up to the top tier services you receive from our residential painters? Perhaps they haven’t yet been informed that the average customer isn’t looking to slap paint on a wall. We know our customers want the best residential painters, and our company is just that. “Voted Best Residential Painters of 2015-2018” Our mission is to make sure you get what you paid for.

Did you know that house painting became something to be avoided if you were a part of the early American colonies. The Pilgrims considered painting your house to be a display of immodesty, riches and vanity. The practice was consider immoral by many and in 1631 a preacher that decorated the interior of his Charlestown home with paint was criminally charged with sacrilege.

What residential painting services do we perform:

Repairs & Paints is your one-stop-shop for exterior and interior home services. Our team of experienced painters have the right equipment for any job. No job is too large, or even too small for our team to handle. We specialize in whole home interior and exterior painting. We offer siding painting, stucco painting, wood staining, trim painting, molding repairs, cathedral painting, room painting, accent walls, interior or exterior color consultation, wallpaper removal services, drywall repair, installation, and more. We will stay on site for every job until it is finished. We will have a final inspection and walk-through of your project when we have finished. If for any reason, the job takes longer than quoted, or if a new issue arrises, we will immediately discuss with you options to resolve the complication.

Find out what it would take from our residential painters to spruce up your Medford NJ home. Ask us about any of our past customers in the area. We are sure to have a few good references for you to check out. Our house painting company is based on referrals. We look to our customers to be the cornerstone of our marketing program.