Drywall Repairs & Installation in South Jersey

Drywall Repairs in Marlton NJ

Do your old or damaged walls need professional help? We have the solution for your homes drywall repair needs. Plenty of options from skim coating, spackling, patching, or drywall installation. Our expert drywall mechanics have the answers you are looking for. We have the skill that it takes to make those walls look brand new. Do you want your home or office to look young again? Why deal with the “vintage look” when Repairs and Paints can fix the problem for a reasonable price? We have the tools and pro experience that is needed for your drywall repairs. Our craftsman will be quick and thorough. We all know the biggest downside to drywall repair, the dust! We are used to this too. So what is it that Repairs and Paints is going to do for you? We are going to fix your old drywall. We are going to prime and seal all porous surfaces. On top of this, we are going to leave your home or office dust free! Put our drywall experts to the test. Find out how affordable drywall repair can be when you choose professionals.

Help Your Drywall Look Like New – Quick and Easy

Repairs & Paints specializes in all home and office drywall repairs. We can repair walls and ceilings. We can also fix a hole or crack in your wall within the same day. If you have a large job or need small drywall repairs, give us a ring.  If a storm or air conditioner unit has damaged your drywall, we will fix that too. Our goal is to match your existing walls and ceilings to look like new. Becoming a drywall expert does not happen over night. Our craftsman have accumulated the experience that is needed for all tasks. The knowledge of an experienced installer can be what makes all the difference. We work hard to give flawless results for your repairs and installations. Working with an uneven ceiling has its challenges. We will flush the new wall and the old for a tight and seamless fit. Our experts take each step in the process into account. You cannot always achieve these results in one visit. For a reasonable cost to you, we make as many trips as it takes. Don’t worry, with our skilled technicians it won’t take too many trips. We outshine the competition with our pristine work and quick results.

Removing Popcorn Ceilings Can Be a Messy Job

Repairs & Paints can easily remove the popcorn from a ceiling and replace it with an orange peel texture or a knock down texture, or even a smooth texture. We specialize in popcorn ceiling removal services. We know the right way to install popcorn ceilings as well. How does that help when you want to do away with popcorn and textures? Well, if we can put them up, we should be able to take them down right? Not all drywall contractors work with special textured ceilings. Our craftsman have extensive knowledge in all areas of drywall and home improvement services. We help your home get back up to date with vigorous drywall restoration. When we set our goal to repairing drywall ceilings and walls in your home, we make sure to do it right.

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